First Responder
Community Warehouses

FREE Health and Safety Products, PPE (personal protective equipment)
FREE CPR, Heimlich and Ion Battery and Fire Safety Classes
Convenient, Accessible Locations for NYC Community Based-Organizations
Supports Community Preparedness and Resilience
Learn CPR, Heimlich, Ion Battery and Fire Safety in Free Classes, Save Lives
The Problem

The Need for NYC Community Preparedness

There are no permanent locations in NYC to get FREE PPE, smoke detectors, cleaning products, and other free supplies that major corporations routinely want to donate.

Communities did not know where to go to find or systematically receive PPE deliveries from NYC during Covid-19 or more recently, the 2023 Canadian Wildfires.

NYC agencies currently typically say no to corporate donations due to the lack of warehouse storage space and operational distribution systems.

Our Story: Let’s Make CutRedTape4Heroes a Permanent Resource for Communities!

Not-for-profit 501c3, Art Science Research Laboratory’s CutRedTape4Heroes project delivered

Over 25 million PPE, cleaning, and home health products from March 2020 to August 2023

Proof of Concept

CutRedTape4Heroes’ 60-Day Warehouse Trial was a Big Success!

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community groups
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Over 100 community groups received 5.8 million items in 60 days, June-July 2021. Kimco Realty Corp. donated 50,0000 sq ft space, a former ShopRite in Staten Island.

First Responder Community Warehouses: The Permanent Locations Solution

Preparedness Creates Community Resilience
Under-resourced communities will be prepared

Free Safety & Health Supplies

Under-resourced communities will be prepared and feel ready in advance of emergencies with permanent and ongoing community warehouses that support daily community safety and resilience.

Classes & Events

Volunteers from the NYPD Hispanic Society and the FDNY Vulcan Society first responders will run the warehouses in addition to handing out free materials and teaching the safety classes.


Safer, Resilient Communities

– Provide FREE PPE, Smoke Detectors, Home Safety and Health Products

-Teach CPR, Heimlich, Ion Battery and Fire Safety Classes and Children’s Programs like “Join the Medical Team”

Who We Are

Advisory Committee and Supporters

Rhonda Roland Shearer

Director, Co-Founder

Art Science Research Laboratory, & WTC Ground Zero Relief Project

Charles King

Housing Works CEO, Chair

First Responder Community Warehouse Advisors

Jessica Arocho

Director of Community Affairs

Woodhull Hospital

Peter Gudaitis

Executive Director & CEO

New York Disaster Interfaith Services

Daniel Barber

NYCHA Tenant Association President

Andrew Jackson Houses

Edwards Gibbs

NY State Assembly Member

Don Hong

Chairman of The Board

President UA3

Linda Rivera

Director Materials Management

BronxCare Health System

Regina Wilson


The Vulcan Society FDNY

robert cashman

Robert Cashman

Supervising Fire Marshal

Office of the FDNY Fire Commissioner

Johnnie McCann

Director The T.U.R.N.

CEO Finish Trucking & Transportation

Endorsement from Charles King, CEO of Housing Works and Chair of First Responder Community Warehouse Advisory Committee Link to full letter

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First Responder Community Warehouses
Help NYC Communities by Supporting Our Joint Effort!
First Responder Community Warehouses and
are urgent community response projects of
Art Science Research Laboratory, Founded in 1998
a Not-for-Profit, Charitable organization, 501(C)(3) Tax ID # 13-4012474